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EM products that can be used in horticulture
What is EM?
1、 What is EM?
2、 EM products that can be used in horticulture

Straw silage


Forage silage corn generally refers to the use fresh corn stover as feed corn, can be grown several times a year. Which is characterized by rapid growth in a short time you can get more leaf production. Corn silage in the flowering stage, the aerial parts of corn harvested, chopped and stored in silage harm or silage tower, you can do a long time with cows. Cattle feed. In production, the requirements of silage corn stalks, leaves, spike high yield, lodging resistance, high nutritional value, easy to digest and utilize. Corn silage forage in the cultivation of corn silage than technically demanding, in variety matching tall plants generally require the use of high yield, lodging resistance of late-maturing varieties. In the sowing, the harvest has to be considered good climatic conditions, in order to facilitate silage. Corn silage is necessary to increase planting density, but also to prevent lodging, lodging because not only reduces yield, but not for mechanical harvesting. Determination of harvest, the highest yield per unit area to obtain the best benefit of keeping the principle. Silage techniques to master, silo site to choose the terrain is dry, heavy clay soil, groundwater low places. Silage harm must be sealed airtight, smooth vertical wall cellar, so easy after storage of silage compaction decline. Seepage pit wall is not, otherwise it would silage spoilage. Must make silage sealed storage, so as to take advantage of anaerobic fermentation of lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid, so that cavities acidity increase, reaching around 4.0 PH value, so that other microbes stop breeding. Meanwhile, the lactic acid bacteria itself will cause massive accumulation of lactic acid, the acidity caused by the rising and gradually cease their activities, so that the long-term preservation of silage without deterioration. Furthermore, after malolactic fermentation feed, but also improve the nutritional value and is of high quality cattle feed.

(A) economic value

Forage silage corn cows, beef cattle to provide green fodder, the cattle industry is the indispensable basis for one feed. Beef industry in recent years has been greatly developed, to provide a large number of domestic and foreign markets beef, many places became famous cattle County. Milk industry is recognized saving food, economic and efficient industry, is a "vegetable basket project." Milk or feed conversion yield the highest rates of nutrients than food production can be increased by 2 to 3 times of nutrients yields were much less in the current national conditions, the development of the dairy industry to promote forage silage corn, is having a far-reaching career. 80 years ago our country does not forage maize varieties, mostly with the production of varieties of grain forage production, and thus low yields, poor quality. Until 1985 was the first time validation of our breeding "Beijing more No. 1" of new varieties of forage maize, and then in 1989 another validation of the "Credo No. 4" and a number of new varieties. Such forage silage maize production has been significantly improved, forage breeding of new varieties of corn silage is also a good start. In Europe, North America and other countries, people attach great importance to the production of forage maize silage, forage silage maize area accounted for a large proportion, but they make more use of big spike, a single stalk, holding greenness strong varieties, bred so much more than stalk Ear forage silage maize varieties are our specialty.

(Two) growth characteristics

First, higher biomass

Currently part of the promotion of the production of forage maize varieties, fresh biomass yield of up to 4000 kg / mu ~ 7000 kg / acre, compared with normal corn 1000 kg / mu to 3000 kg / mu.

Second, good quality forage

Forage silage corn varieties, with high holding green, leafy area, straw lignin content is low, palatability, and other characteristics.

Third, the rapid growth

Compared with ordinary corn, forage maize varieties generally have a higher growth potential.






   目前生產中推廣的部分青飼玉米品種,鮮生物產量可達4000公斤/畝~7000 公斤/畝,較普通玉米高1000公斤/畝~3000公斤/畝。






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